Important dates for the 2022 municipal election

WELLINGTON COUNTY – As the 2022 municipal election nears, it may be time for prospective candidates to mark some important dates in their calendars. 

The 2022 municipal election will take place Oct. 24, with other notable dates including:

– April 21, Candidate Information Workshop: the clerks of Wellington County are organizing a joint candidate information session at the Wellington County Museum and Archives in the Aboyne Hall;

– April 22, candidate packages: the clerk’s department will endeavour to have candidate packages ready;

– May 2, nomination and registration periods begin: candidates who register with the clerk will be provided a candidate package, including a certificate of the applicable interim maximum amount of expenses. Candidates can start incurring expenses once the certificate has been issued;

– Aug. 19, nomination day: on nomination day, nominations may only be filed between 9am and 2pm, after which the time nomination period ends;

– Aug. 19, withdraw deadline: a candidate who wishes to withdraw their nomination must notify the clerk in writing before 2pm;

– Aug. 22, clerks certify the list of candidates: all nominations to be examined and certified by 4pm and declare the candidate(s) elected by acclamation;

– Sept. 1, voter’s list reproduction and revision period begins: last day for reproducing the voters’ list and determining the revision procedures. From Sept. 1 until the close of voting on voting day (Oct. 24), a person may submit an application to have their name added to or removed from the voters’ list, to have their information on the voters’ list amended, or to request that a deceased person’s name be removed from the voters’ list.