HudBay Minerals announces exploration drilling for zinc in northern Wellington

HudBay Minerals Inc. recently announced that it expects to commence drilling this month on its south western Ontario zinc mineral properties.

HudBay expects to drill up to four holes to a depth of 300 metres each to test coincident geophysical and geochemical anomalies.

The test sites are near Mount Forest and Harriston. HudBay’s local exploration land holdings comprise of about 10,900 hectares.

Exploration in the area began in the 1970s when anomalous zinc and other elements associated with Mississippi Valley Type zinc deposits were identified during survey of ground waters.

Anomalous areas identified were followed up with soil geochemical surveys and Quantec Titan 24 geophysical surveys in 2001.

This phase of HudBay’s exploration in the area is an early stage exploration project. Drilling was attempted to test one of these targets in 2004 but abandoned due to inclement weather and hole deviation prior to reaching the target depth.

No other drilling has been done on the property for mineral exploration.

The exploration area is well developed for agricultural purposes and industrial infrastructure exists nearby.

Consistent with HudBay’s consultative approach, the company is in the process of meeting with local communities and agencies to seek input on its exploration plans.

HudBay is an integrated mining company operating mines, concentrators, and a metal production facility in northern Manitoba and Saskatchewan.

HudBay also owns a zinc oxide production facility in Ontario, the White Pine copper refinery in Michigan, and the Balmat zinc mine operations in New York state.