Hockey team raising funds to assist teammate with travel for treatment

MINTO – A Palmerston youth is getting a boost from his hockey team as he prepares for a trip to Italy for medical treatment. 

Jasper More’s Minto Mad Dogs U15LL teammates are hosting a fundraiser for their goaltender at Joan Hamilton’s bottle depot in Palmerston. 

To help raise funds, anyone can drop off their empties at the depot during regular hours of operation.

Additional monetary donations are also being accepted at the depot.  

Jasper, 14, who was diagnosed with MPS in 2011, was just the seventh person to undergo a new gene therapy regimen, which involves a one-time cell infusion followed by weeks of monitoring and tests. 

Along with his mother Pam and siblings Daphne and Clayton, the youth spent several weeks in January of 2020 in Naples, Italy, where he received the treatment as part of a clinical trial. 

While Jasper has responded well, follow up visits for additional treatments are required and he is preparing for an upcoming trip to Italy with his mother for additional treatment.

Community News Staff