Everton Community Church installs new windows

New windows – The Everton Community Church is getting new windows, and the old ones will soon be for sale on Kijiji.

Pastor Lahey stands below one of the newly installed windows.  


Pastor Adrian Lahey said replacing the windows in the old stone church, built in 1861, has been on the radar for a few years. They will allow more light in the church and a breeze because they can be opened. They are also energy efficient. There are 10 windows that will be replaced during this project, at a cost of about $35,000.

“They had to be custom. We want them to last a long time,” said Lahey.


The old windows came apart in sections and will be sold on Kijiji. Lahey didn’t know how much the church will be charging, “but it will be nice to recoup some of the cost of the new windows,” he said.