Emergencies, accessibility during an election

WELLINGTON COUNTY – If a municipal clerk believes circumstances have arisen that prevent the election from being conducted appropriately, they may declare an emergency. 

This declaration is specific to the election and separate from an emergency that may be declared by the municipality or the province, states a 2022 Ontario Voters Guide issued by the province.

The guide states that once the clerk has declared an emergency, they can decide what arrangements to make to allow the election to proceed appropriately. The arrangements that the clerk makes will depend on the nature of the emergency.

The guide indicates that voters in municipalities where  an emergency  has been declared in relation to an election/by-election should contact the clerk for information about the arrangements they have put in place and how voting and campaigning is affected.


Municipal clerks must keep in mind the needs of all voters when they are planning and running the election. The clerk must also ensure that voting places are accessible.

 The 2022 Ontario Voters Guide states municipal clerks must prepare a plan for identifying, removing and preventing barriers that affect persons with disabilities. This plan must be available to the public before voting day.

Municipal clerks are also required to issue a public report on their accessibility plan within 90 days after voting day.