Elora author achieving international success thanks to global collaboration

ELORA – A young local author has taken a “what-if” idea and turned it into a book and website that is garnering global attention.

Teeny Tiny Stories started out as a way to practice my writing skills while I was abroad for school in the Netherlands and Ireland,” said Skyler Hammond, author of The Big Book of Teeny Tiny Stories, now available for purchase in paperback or for the Kindle.

“Teeny tiny stories” are just that – stories usually under 50 words. Some are humorous, while others are profound, scary or just a little strange.

Each is accompanied by a unique piece of artwork. The book has over 80 stories and features the work of over 15 artists.

“I started posting really short stories on social media as a fun creative outlet and the feedback was inspiring,” said Hammond.

“I kept writing and people kept reading. After a friend from Croatia offered to illustrate one or two, I realized this could be more than a collection of random posts.”

He continued, “So I wrote more stories and we paired them with unique and powerful art. Thanks to my artist partners we now have a unique and creative book that is reaching people around the world.”

Elora-based author and Arthur Ellis Award nominee Rio Youers says The Big Book of Teeny Tiny Stories is his favourite new book.

“It is bountiful with beautiful words and the most mesmerizing art. Every story has charm, sweetness and more than a touch of cleverness,” stated Youers.

A fan of fantasy and science fiction, Hammond’s stories have themes that would normally be found in longer-form writing.

Some stories, such as Ode To Max are based on experiences from his own life. Others, like Surfaced, are based on world events.

But each story has a beginning, middle and end in five lines.

The Big Book of Teeny Tiny Stories is available for purchase on all international Amazon sites by searching for Skyler Hammond. The book can be ordered as a paperback and for download to most Kindle devices.