Egg procurement policy passes

Councillors here didn’t eggs-actly scramble to the plate to pass an egg procurement policy – but it served one up none-the-less last week.

Mayor David Anderson ex­plained the request by the Egg Farmers of Ontario association was about purchasing eggs locally. It noted the town supports practices that contribute to the creation of a sustainable environment.

It resolved that Ontario egg farmers provide the community fresh, locally produced grade A eggs from farm to table in four to seven days and Ontario egg farmers take pride in caring for their hens while offering consumers a variety of egg choice; so Minto supports the idea of buying locally.

Council resolved the current procurement practice of eggs produced by Ontario egg farmers, be identified as the preferred local sustainable procurement practice. Further, the resolution stated that the purchase of all Ontario eggs contributes to the creation of a sustainable environment in which consumers and farmers benefit.

Deputy Mayor Judy Dirk­sen was unable to attend the meeting, but she telephoned Anderson to offer her support.