Diabetes centre relocated

The Diabetes Education Centre for Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes patients at the Guelph General Hospital was relocated on Aug. 5.

Under the leadership of the Guelph Family Health Team, the centre moved to Guelph Medical Place, 83 Dawson Road and will operate as Dia­betes Care Guelph. All Type 1 and Type 2 dia­betes patients served at Guelph General, and those on waiting lists are being trans­ferred to the new loca­tion.

The move will not affect those who now receive service at the Guelph Community Health Centre. Pediatric diabetic patients and those with gestational dia­betes will continue to receive service at the hospital.

Ross Kirkconnell, executive director of the Guelph Family Health Team, said im­proved funding has been made available from the Ontario Min­istry of Health .

“This has been a highly collaborative process between the Ministry, the Guelph Gen­eral Hospital and the Guelph Community Health Centre,” he said.

The Family Health Team will support all referring physi­cians in their work, including those who may not be part of the Fam­ily Health Team.