Credit Valley Conservation: be safe near waterways and ice

MISSISSAUGA – Credit Valley Conservation (CVC) reminds residents and visitors to CVC parks to stay off all ice surfaces (streams, rivers, lakes, wetlands and storm ponds), unless an area is officially sanctioned for recreational activity.

Ice can be unstable and unpredictable due to changing temperature and weather conditions. Streambanks and shorelines are slippery and unstable ice is a significant safety risk.

To keep safe this winter, CVC offers the following tips:

– unless an area is officially sanctioned for it, avoid all recreational activities on or around water and ice; and

– tailor winter outdoor activities to trails at local parks and conservation areas.

CVC also operates a flood forecasting and warning program and when necessary, issues flood messages to municipal emergency management officials, emergency medical services, school boards, police and the media.

Those officials then take action to warn local residents. For more information visit