County of Wellington set to host remembrance service at museum November 5

ABOYNE – Wellington County is continuing a tradition of commemorating the contributions of the local fallen from the First World War to Afghanistan with the placement of more than 500 memorial markers on the front lawn at the Wellington County Museum and Archives.

The markers will be in place for the annual Remembrance ceremony, held in conjunction with Royal Canadian Legion branches from across the county on the front lawn of the museum, this year set for Nov. 5 at 10:30am.

“In partnership with the local legions we will be honoring and fallen across Wellington County,  those who died in the First World War, World War Two, Korea and Afghanistan are remembered with the markers on the front lawn and a ceremony reading out their names,” stated Warden Kelly Linton at the Oct. 28 council meeting.

Linton invited local residents to come out for the annual candle ceremony on Nov. 10 at 5:30pm.

“Please join us and place a Remembrance candle on each of the 526 markers as a tribute to the fallen from across Wellington County,” Linton urged.

Linton noted the candles, provided by the museum, will remain lit until Nov. 12 “and everyone is encouraged to attend.”