County not moved by roundabout request

ABERFOYLE – If Puslinch council wants additional streetscaping on Brock Road here the township will have to foot the bill.

As for the idea of reducing the roadway to one lane, the answer seems to be a clear “no”.

Puslinch councillors had proposed that consideration be given to reducing the two-lane roundabout to a single lane following construction of the Morriston bypass.

On March 20, Mayor James Seeley spoke on the Brock Road reconstruction.

“I’ve had some discussions with (Wellington County engineer) Don Kudo,” said Seeley.

Seeley noted councillor John Sepulis had earlier brought forward a motion asking council to send a letter to the county regarding the township’s desire for streetscaping in Aberfoyle.

Seeley said “the only options are really the use of stamped concrete on the sidewalks or stenciling”.

As for including decorative lighting, Seeley said “what the county is saying is that it intends to reconstruct the road, as is, curb to curb.”

The sidewalk will be replaced at the township’s cost, Seeley said, adding, “If we want anything else, we will have to foot the bill.”

He also stated any decision or recommendation from the township would need to come quickly as the project is soon heading to tender.

‘Find the money’

“If we want to do any streetscaping, we would need to find the money and let the county know as soon as possible to get costing on it,” said Seeley.

Councillor Jessica Goyda asked if it makes sense to have a Wellington County representative offer a presentation to council regarding the reconstruction project and what is involved – “I am really kind of unclear.”

Seeley said he did not believe there would be an issue with that. 

Councillor John Sepulis, who noted a public meeting was held on the project, said, “I remain hung up on the idea of having the road reduced down to one lane.”

Seeley said he supports the idea, but it does not seem to have support at the county level.

Councillor Ken Roth said he does not believe the township has extra funds to handle streetscaping work such as decorative lighting.

“It’s a little out of our league. To start into the project now would only delay the county’s work,” said Roth.

He suggested if there was anything the township can do after, such as landscaping, council can look at it.

“But right now we don’t have the budget for this,” said Roth.

Bulmer agreed with Sepulis, stating, “I would much rather it be a single lane each way.”