Council supports plan of subdivision for Forest View Estates in Arthur

KENILWORTH – Council here is lending its support for the proposed mixed density residential development adjacent to Domville Street in Arthur.

On Aug. 26, Wellington North councillors recieved a planning report prepared by Wellington County senior planner  Michelle Innocente regarding the proposed draft plan of subdivision for Forest View Estates.

The subdivision would contain a new street branching off from Domville Street in Arthur.

In her report, Innocente recommended Wellington North  support the proposed plan of subdivision and related conditions of draft plan approval.

The development provides a mixed density residential plan of subdivision to create 10 single detached residential lots, four semi-detached residential lots (eight units), 10 street townhouse and a 24-unit apartment building.

Her report added that comments raised by the review agencies, township staff and consultants, and residents have been resolved or will be addressed through conditions of draft plan approval (attached) and the implementation of the subdivision agreement.

“In our opinion, the proposed draft plan of subdivision is appropriate and in the public interest.”

Innocente noted there are no outstanding technical objections or concerns regarding the subdivision application – subject to the inclusion of various conditions of approval to be addressed by the developer.

The following questions and concerns related to the subdivision development were raised at a previous public meeting and through written correspondence:

Number of storeys in the proposed apartment building and location of the proposed apartment building.

The applicant responded that the apartment building will be two to three storeys. The applicant is proposing to rezone the apartment block (Block 17) to an R3-Residential Zone which permits apartment buildings up to 12 metres (39.5 feet) in height. Block 17 will be subject to site plan control.

The applicant’s consulted provided that the apartment block has been sited at the rear of the development to utilize the existed treed buffer at the rear of the property. The location of the apartment block also provides a transition from single detached homes at the front of the development to semi-detached homes, to townhomes, to apartments at the rear.

Will the oak trees at the rear of the Andrew Street properties remain for privacy?

The applicant confirmed that all existing trees will remain. In addition, a condition has been included in the draft plan conditions to address tree protection.

The report and recommendation was accepted and adopted by council without further discussion.