Community invited to explore sustainablity of food system

GUELPH – Over the next year, Guelph-Wellington community members are invited to explore how people are connected through the food system, why it’s ripe for reimagination and how they can adopt new habits to contribute to a more sustainable food future. 

Community conversations, outreach and opportunities to learn more and get involved are all part of Our Food Future’s 12-month “Reimagine Food” campaign.

Reimagine Food aims to simplify the story of the circular food economy. 

“It’s also an opportunity to show how Guelph-Wellington is developing a local circular food economy and why circular food economies are being implemented all over the world, transforming our relationship with goods, our natural resources and each other,” states a press release from the local Smart Cities initiative.

The community can get involved and champion the Our Food Future movement through the Reimagine Food campaign by:

– learning about circular food production and local farmers who are improving soil management, biodiversity and water quality; 

– understanding the importance of reducing household food waste;

– learning more about local circular food innovators and sampling new upcycled food products being developed in Guelph-Wellington; and

– joining events, arts experiences and celebrations of local food culture

“In Guelph-Wellington, there is a groundswell of activity that is focused on food and sustainability,” says Ashlee Cooper, program advisor for Smart Cities.

“There’s also a lot of incredible things happening in the community: innovative approaches to enable food access, amazing new food products, new social enterprises and a large portion of residents committed to reducing food waste. 

“We’re looking forward to working with local producers and innovators to showcase this work over the next year.”

“Right now, there is risk of people being disconnected from food,” notes Julia Grady, co-founder and executive director, 10C. 

“For example, we are not always aware of the impact our food choices may have on the environment, or of inequity in our community when it comes to accessing healthy food.

“Through Reimagine Food, we’re looking to re-establish our connection to food, and to make food more accessible through projects like the SEED’s pay-what-you-choose market.”

Circular Opportunity Innovation Launchpad (COIL) is a sister initiative to Our Food Future that supports food businesses in their reduction and transformation of waste. 

Over 60 companies have already partnered with COIL, leading to new and innovative processes, products and services all aimed at embedding circularity into the food system. 

Through the Reimagine Food campaign, residents will be invited to learn more about and even sample some of the products and services that are contributing to the circular food economy.