Centre Peel office coordinator receives Everyday Hero award

DRAYTON – Amanda Fergus-Moore, office coordinator for Centre Peel Public School in Drayton, is one of 14 recipients of 2019 Everyday Hero awards presented by the Upper Grand District School Board (UGDSB). 

The annual awards celebrate those who perform at a high level or attained a significant school achievement, or a specific innovation worthy of recognition by the board, according to the UGDSB website. 

“It’s amazing,” said Fergus-Moore of the win.

“I would have never have expected it in a million years, I am just totally honoured.” 

The UGDSB announced the award recipients on May 7. Fergus-Moore was nominated because of her attentive and quick response to students’ needs. 

She has worked at Centre Peel Public School for the last two-and-a-half years and in that time, “Amanda has created strong, positive and caring relationships with all the students at Centre Peel PS,” wrote UGDSB nominators. 

“One of her biggest strengths is in how quickly she responds and jumps into action when students are in need of First Aid or medical attention.” 

In June 2018, a student with severe asthma had an allergic reaction to his medication and went into respiratory arrest. He was immediately brought to the office, where Fergus-Moore and Principle Rhonda Gingrich administered first aid.

“It was the scariest thing I have ever done, but also it’s one of those things that I was so grateful I was prepared for through CPR training,” said Fergus-Moore. 

“Amanda worked diligently to ensure the student remained as calm as possible and followed her training to keep the student conscious,” wrote nominators. 

“Amanda’s efforts were applauded by the attending paramedics who shared the seriousness of the situation and acknowledged that the response of the office staff was a critical component in keeping the student alive.” 

Winning the award still came as a shock to Fergus-Moore.

“It’s amazing to feel appreciated for doing my job, really. I was overwhelmed at the thought that people thought that highly of me just doing my job every day.” 

Recipients will receive their awards at a reception on May 29 at 7pm in the E. L. Fox Auditorium at John F. Ross in Guelph.