Celebration Tree program winding down

CENTRE WELLINGTON – Since 2009, Neighbourwoods, in partnership with Centre Wellington Parks and Recreation Department,  has been planting Celebration Trees in community parks.

What started as a germ of an idea by Donna Ross and Peter Szmidt has blossomed over the years, and now there are 134 trees planted and plaqued in more than 10 parks recognizing birthdays, anniversaries, love, lives lived and milestones.

After Ross and Szmidt moved to Merrickville, the program’s future was in jeopardy.

However, Paul Mitchell stepped in to take over with volunteers Susan Brown, Anne Hobbs, Judi Feldman with support from Neighbourwoods coordinator Toni Ellis.

With so many Celebration Trees, it has become clear that there are too many for parks staff to weed thoroughly.   

Donors are now being asked to take over the annual weeding task of their tree, after which township staff will mulch each tree.

This fall the Celebration Trees program is wrapping up after 12 rewarding years.

However, the township has its own planting program, so dedicated tree planting will continue, although no doubt with a little different flavour.

“When I spend time in our parks and admire all our new trees, I am reminded how much we appreciate the volunteers and donors who have made this program such a success,” said Matt Tucker, manager of parks and recreation.

For more information about the township’s program contact Marissa McKay at MMacKay@centrewellington.ca. There is room for a couple more Celebration Trees.

Those who are interested are asked to contact Paul Mitchell at prmitch@cogeco.ca before Aug. 1.