Broomhead gets Wellington North council support in bid to run for warden

Well­ington North Mayor Mike Broomhead would like to be the next warden of Wellington County.

Broomhead said there has been a number of talks going on in the county, but in all fairness, it is an extremely important position.

He said before he put his name forward, he wanted to know if his council would support his bid.

Broomhead said with all the major projects underway this year, there would not have been time in 2008. Some of those projects included the construction of the new sewage treatment plant and the Sportsplex in Mount Forest, and the new Arthur public library.

But those projects should essentially wrap up by the end of this year.

“Hopefully next year that time will be freed up,” he said.

In response to his suggestion, councillor John Matusinec said, “Go for it.”

Broomhead also had councillor Dan Yake’s support.

“You’ve certainly put in your time at the local and county council levels,” Yake said.

Councillor Bob Mason, who originally had reservations about the idea, said he is now ready to support the mayor.

Councillor Ross Chaulk said his only concern would be the mayor being split between two positions.

“But if anyone can do it, you can,” Chaulk said.

Broomhead asked if council is willing to draft a letter of support. Chaulk quipped back, in  relief, “I was worried you were going to ask for a campaign con­tribution.”

The warden is elected by county council.

Broomhead believes this year will see an intense campaign for the position and added there could be as many as three contenders – from all parts of Wellington County.

Chaulk then asked if there are still discussions on the warden’s job becoming a directly elected position.

Broomhead said there has been talk about that and wheth­er or not it should be a full-time position.

He said it is certainly full-time pay.

Broomhead added that next month, council will be halfway through its term, and he himself will mark his 20th year in municipal politics.