Brenda Law named Puslinch Volunteer of the Year

ABERFOYLE – “It’s been said that volunteering is just part of Brenda (Law’s) DNA.”

Those words were spoken by Puslinch Mayor James Seeley as he presented Law with this year’s Volunteer of the Year Award on June 19.

Seeley read the letter of nomination which stated Law was born and raised in the township, also where she raised her daughter Jennifer and son Jason.

“As many of you know, Brenda served as the township’s CAO/clerk/treasurer and retired in 2013,” Seeley said.

He added Law remains active in the community and volunteers in various capacities with different organizations in the township.

She is also a long serving and active member of Duff’s Church and is currently chair of Duff’s Fireside Club, treasurer of the choir and a member of the reception committee.

Seeley stated that as chair of the Fireside Club, Law organizes monthly meetings featuring guest speakers.

As a member of the recreation committee, Law coordinates the catering of luncheons for funerals.

She also sings in the choir and assists with meal preparation for fundraising events such as the ham dinner.

Law organizes and is integral to the success of the “Link Up With Duff’s – Fun Day with a Purpose” annual event that supports programs such as Hospice Wellington and the Community Parish Nurse Program.

“Brenda leads and organizes the preparation of dinners for the Optimist Club and you often see Brenda giving a helping hand at many community events organized by the Optimists, including the annual Family Day Weekend and Canada Day festivities.”

Law is also a member of and chair of the Ellis Chapel and spends many hours a month showing people the grounds and chapel, booking the venue, securing deposits and arranging for maintenance work to be completed.

She is also an active blood donor, with over 100 donations made to date.

“Just when you think that there is no more time left in a day, Brenda manages to find time to assist with the annual roadside clean up, sing when asked at weddings and funerals, take a senior for a doctor’s visit, organize a ‘ladies walking group’, and help out with the annual Santa Claus Parade,” said Seeley.

She and her husband Fred continue to thrive and enjoy the Puslinch community.

Seeley congratulated Law and said, “It is my honour to present the award to you.”

Law thanked Seeley, members of council and staff for the award.

“I am humbled to receive this and I know there are lots of other worthy recipients out in the township and I know in future years you are going to recognize them,” said Law.

She commented on an old saying where people say they don’t know where they found the time to have their ‘real’ job.

“It’s just that you find yourself doing different things and your days become busy. I guess you also get asked to do things, and if you don’t say ‘no’ …” she said.

“Being a volunteer isn’t just about me as an individual.

“As you’ve mentioned, I belong to a bigger group of people, and my family who allow me … to do all these things and put up with me.”