Now that Christmas is all wrapped up, I am giving myself one final gift: an official “snuggle up with a good book” day.

This will be a full day void of chores, meal making or any other responsibilities beyond me sinking into the comforts of my couch wearing my brand new Christmas pajamas, tucked under the warmth of my fluffy polar bear blanket, with a good book in hand. Also, there will be almond milk hot chocolate, because I’m not an amateur.

I love books so much that I gave them as gifts to people in my family. They were books I want to read too. Go figure.

I’m sure my relatives will lend me their new books once they’re done with them. I mean, I did pick them out, right? I know it’s better to give than receive, but sharing is caring.

I’m not sure which book I’ll choose to read first. Perhaps an autobiography. Maybe I’ll delve into historical fiction. Politics might be too daunting today.

Selecting the right book is like picking your favourite child; it depends on the moment. It also depends on which one made you the almond milk hot chocolate, because, again, I’m not an amateur.

Like any book lover, I’ll sniff the pages first, to inhale the book’s creative powers (you do that too, right?). You have to breathe in the book’s essence. It’s very important.

The author has put their heart and soul into this book, and the editor has poked that heart and soul repeatedly with a sharp pointy stick, so the least you can do is breathe in the toil of the sacrifices made.

A book needs to be cherished. It should never, ever be used as a coffee mug coaster. A ring imprint on a book is a serious sign of neglect. However, spilled coffee drippings within the pages of the book are not a crime; they are character enhancements. It’s a sign of affection to dab the paper pages clean and leave the brown tinge of caffeine on the page. I won’t spill my almond milk hot chocolate though, because I have really good book-to-mug balance (again, not an amateur).

Before I can dive into a book, I have to open the pages somewhere near the centre and gently, but with full intent, crack the spine. Books need to be cracked. It makes the book pages bend better. Dog-earing pages is unacceptable. It’s wrong. Bookmarks are mandatory.

Even reading has an etiquette.

There is no better escapism from reality than the words in a good book. Excuse me while I snuggle up and disappear into someone else’s story.

Inspiration is good for the soul.

WriteOut of Her Mind