Arthur skatepark officials seek student input

KENILWORTH –  Ad-hoc advisory committee members will meet with students this week to garner their input on the new Arthur BMX/Skateboard Park.

On Nov. 18, Wellington North councillors were updated on the park status.

Minutes of the ad-hoc committee noted councillor Lisa Hern and recreation coordinator Mandy Jones visited with Arthur Public School Grade 6 students last school year and gained valuable input regarding the park.

Now the pair intends to visit current Grade 6 students this week along with members of the Arthur Lions Club.

One of the ideas being considered is presenting the class with pricing for each section of the park and letting students prioritize the sections.

“If (students) understand the cost, they may be willing to assist with fundraising and involve their parents,” states the committee’s meeting minutes.

The committee also noted the location of pathways need to take into account areas for other uses, such as trucks and trailers for the fall fair horse show, and how the users will approach the park.

The estimated construction cost is $150,000 to $200,000. Approximately $36,000 has been raised so far.

One idea being considered to promote the project  is a kickoff event.  There are companies that rent skateboard park features and the Lions could have its food booth available. The Grade 6 class could help with organization and participate in the event.