‘Aiden’ and ‘Emma’ urge slower driving in Erin

ERIN – The Town of Erin has enlisted the help of signs named Aiden and Emma with its speed management program, with the hope residents will get involved on social media.

The road safety signs with images of children will move weekly, starting in front of Erin Public School and Ross R MacKay Public School.

Residents can request a location by emailing engagement@erin.ca with the requested location and reason for the request. 

As the program develops, requests may be put on a waitlist, and the signs will be placed according to priority.

“The Town of Erin has initiated this program to remind drivers to slow down in residential areas and to be more aware of their surroundings, as they drive through Erin,” said communications officer Jessica Spina.

Residents can spread awareness of road safety by sharing the locations of Aiden and Emma on social media. 

When people see the signs around town, they are asked to share a post with the location while using the hashtag #SlowDownErin.