Acts of kindness sprouting up all over Wellington County

WELLINGTON COUNTY  – One positive to come out of the current COVID-19 crisis is the abundance of good news stories popping up across the county.

From touching tributes for health care workers to inspirational messages for the most vulnerable and isolated, Wellington residents have responded to the pandemic with resiliency, kindness and generosity.

A couple recent examples include local children and families that decorated rocks placed outside Groves Memorial Community Hospital in Fergus and those that created signs for residents of a nursing home in Mount Forest.

These children had inspiring messages for residents of Strathcona Long Term Care in Mount Forest on March 26. From left: Charleigh Johnson, Leah Hutton, and Lauryn Hutton.  Submitted photo


On March 26, Charleigh Johnson, Leah Hutton and Lauryn Hutton stood outside Strathcona Long Term Care in Mount Forest with signs for those stuck inside due to COVID-19 isolation requirements.

The messages included “Stay strong: there is a rainbow after every storm” and “Together we can get through anything”.

“These beautiful little girls made these amazing and uplifting signs and stood outside the dining room … during super for all the residents to see,” stated officials.

“The smiles on our residents’ faces was enough to bring tears to your eyes. Thank you for making everyone’s day!”

Meanwhile, in Fergus, someone has started a collection of painted stones in front of Groves hospital on Union Street in Fergus.

The rocks “commemorate the wonderful work the frontline workers are and have done through the years – to say nothing about the work they have performed during this COVID-19 crisis,” said local freelance photographer Bill Longshaw.

“Our thoughts go out to them. They are heroes like the rock in the middle says.”

The Advertiser would like to speak to the individuals responsible for the above examples of kindness in Mount Forest and Fergus.

Anyone who knows the identity of those involved, or has information about other good news stories across the county, can email details to

Rocks placed at the entrance to Groves hospital in Fergus included inspirational messages for local health care workers. Photo by Bill Longshaw