39th Terry Fox Run was held in Erin

Terry Fox Run – The 39th Terry Fox Run was held in Erin on Sept. 18. It was the first in-person run since 2019. On hand were 46 participants and 12 volunteers from the Erin Optimists.

A message from Governor General Mary Simon to all Terry Fox Run participants was read and Erin Mayor Allan Alls spoke briefly and officially started the runners, walkers and cyclists. Erin councillors John Brennan and Rob Smith were also present to add their support. Water, snacks and a barbecue were available to participants.

The total amount raised on run day, in person and online, was $11,010. Online donations can continue to be made through the Terry Fox Run website and donors can choose the run site and the person or team they wish to support. Terry Fox shirts are also available through the website.                                         

Tristan Clark