Okay 2022, before we make this official, pull up a chair and let me fix you a good stiff drink.

How do you take your coffee? Oh, did you think I was offering you a nice Scotch? Get over yourself. You think I share the expensive stuff with just anyone? No. Now, pull up a stool. Let’s get to know each other better and come to an understanding of how this year needs to go for both of us.

I accept that I have no capacity to predict the future. None. Nadda. So while I would love to wax poetically about how glorious and glamorous this year will be, to manifest greatness and opportunities for abundance and adventure, it’s fair to say 2021 was a terrible tease. Alas, you can appreciate that it’s hard to trust you after that year toyed with our hearts.

Still, I did everything in my power to believe all of 2021’s promises: live sports, live music, live theatre,  dinners out and hope within. I was sure the light at the end of the tunnel was in fact a spotlight to dance in; that better days were ahead; that soon we’d all be back to a new normal of celebrations, festivals and travel, with big, awkward hugs shared with people who don’t freak me out. Yet somewhere deep inside I knew it was too good to be true. False hope. You just couldn’t count on 2021.

Sure, there were highlights. Babies were born. Weddings happened. Concerts started back up and sports got back on the field. Restaurants and bars opened. Movies were back on the big screen. We started to repeat the phrase “the new normal” more than the annoying overuse of “pivot.” We let our guard down while we kept our masks up.

Big plans are being made in anticipation for your arrival, 2022. You’ll be different. We believe in you. Optimism is a cruel thing when it’s dashed. No offence, 2022, but I have zero expectations now. None. Nadda. If your previous two predecessors have taught me anything, it’s not to make plans or assumptions about anything. While I recognize that you are a new year, so you can’t be blamed for the past, can we just agree that your sole job going forward is to break the cycle of pandemic pandemonium, remind people we’re at war with the virus and not each other and heal the human spirit?  Please do that.

I’m going to give you the benefit of the doubt, because I remain foolishly optimistic. I believe you’ll do your best to make this year full of goodness, joy and positive change. Things will get better. People will do better. Kindness will actually prevail over fear. I will dance in the crowd of a festival once more.  Yellowstone will get another season. Politicians will effect positive change for the good of us all and not just ego (snort, just making sure you were paying attention).

Clearly, I have significant trust issues, brought to a fever pitch at New Year’s Eve, when I’m supposed to put my faith into a new year. You’ve got a lot of work to do to earn my trust. Let me be clear about what you cannot do: you will not break my spirit, 2022. You will not destroy my faith, flatten my humour or stifle my inner optimist. If you think you are shaking my resilient spirit, you are wrong. It’s not happening. Got it?

Welcome, 2022. I’ll keep the faith and you get to make us better. Deal?

WriteOut of Her Mind