Youth in business

It shouldn’t come as a surprise to anyone, but I am a big fan of entrepreneurs.

I’ve had many an idea for a business but haven’t yet had the follow-through to actually pursue the opportunity.

So I applaud anyone who makes it past the idea stage.

But last week I heard about something that’s even more impressive than entrepreneurs.

It’s entrepreneurs who are between Grades 6 and 12. Come on. We’ve got kids in Wellington County who are starting their own businesses. That’s amazing.

The Saugeen Student Start-Up Program, provided by Saugeen Connects and other supporters, provided this opportunity to 41 youth-run businesses throughout Brockton, Hanover, Minto, Wellington North and West Grey.

The funding to support the entrepreneurs comes from the Rural Economic Development Fund that is provided by the Ministry of Agriculture, Food and Rural Affairs, as well as member municipalities that secured private sponsorship opportunities.

Let’s take a minute to thank the municipalities for this support. It’s one thing to have economic development departments that help bring businesses to the municipalities, it’s a whole other thing to have municipalities helping youths start their own businesses.

They are the future of our county. It makes sense to nurture and encourage good businesses decisions from a young age if they’re interested.

Some of the ideas submitted from Wellington North include: a lawn care and car wash service; four Grade 6 students started Cookie Ingredients in a Jar; Jacobs Wooden Ladder creates custom built wooden planters, bus shelters, bird shelters and other custom wood projects; and Barn Board Décor and More offers products made from recycled barn board.

Congratulations and good luck to these new youth-run businesses.

* * *

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