Youth fight hunger with 30 hour famine

An estimated 35 million children could be pushed deeper into poverty as a result of the global food crisis.

Thousands of Fergus stud­ents are doing their part to make poverty  personal by participating in Canada’s longest running youth action campaign, the World Vision 30-Hour Famine.

They are motivating friends, family and community to  support a global movement to help millions of children and families already struggling to meet the basic necessities of life.

By doing the famine and raising funds, participants go without food for 30 hours, so they can experi­ence what hunger feels like first hand.

In 2008, 19 local Fergus youth from schools, churches, and youth organizations volunteered 30 hours of their time and raised $1,177 to help children and families meet the basic necessities of life.

More than 100,000 Cana­dian youth will participate in the World Vision 30 Hour Famine again this year, on April 3 and 4. Their goal is to raise $5-million for  projects in areas most devastated by the global food crisis.

Anyone interested in learning  more about the famine, can visit­vision.­ca/­Newsroom.