Youth can participate in Culture Days at the Grove youth hubs

FERGUS – The Grove Wellington Guelph is participating in Culture Days with several events going on at the Fergus and Erin locations.

“At The Grove, we are committed to creating an inclusive and positive environment that recognizes the unique histories, cultures, and heritage of each person that walks through our doors,” said interim executive director Jeffery Hoffman.

“We are looking forward to hosting a variety of events in celebration of this year’s Culture Days Festival and can’t wait for local youth to participate.” 

Here’s what’s going on at the Fergus location, 900 Tower St.:

 – Sept. 26, 4 to 5pm, Fall equinox craft event. Youth are invited to paint or create something that symbolizes equal balance, the changing of the seasons, and to reflect the equinox where there is an equal amount of light and dark present in a day. 

– Sept. 30 4 to 5pm, National Day for Truth and Reconciliation button-making event. Youth are invited to create buttons that reflect support and recognition of Indigenous culture, and will cover topics such as Canada’s history of residential school systems, reconciliation, and resilience. 

Youth will be invited to share and learn about the impacts of residential schools and Canada’s history of colonization on the individual, family, and the community. 

– Oct. 4 4 to 5pm – Cinnamon Bun Day at the Grove. Youth are invited to drop in and learn how to make cinnamon buns and other cooking skills.

The event will also celebrate the 40th anniversary of the Home Baking Council or the Hembakningsrådet in Swedish, which is a yearly celebration that calls attention to Swedish history and culture, and the importance of community through food.

– Oct. 10, 4 to 5:30 pm. In recognition of World Mental Health Day, the Grove is facilitating a craft for local youth through their art programming to create glitter jars for emotional regulation. 

The jars can be used for mindfulness and calming and will lead into broader conversation about the impact of mental health, the importance of mindfulness, and the foundations of positive mental wellbeing for everyday life. 

This event will also give youth the opportunity to meet new people and share their experiences, unique backgrounds and histories, and learn more about mental health and wellness.

The Grove – Main Place Erin site also has something planned for Culture Days.

On Oct. 6 from 4:30 to 5:30pm, youth can learn about henna painting and design, have a henna done and learn about the significance of henna in cultures around the world.

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