A buddy tipped us off on “yolo” the other day over lunch.

It’s not often we get the chance to appear hip with junior staff here or some of our younger vendors but we made the most of this new lingo with anyone who would listen.

Yolo in the digital world means “you only live once.”

While it would be unconventional in the extreme for us to take up skydiving or some such daring sport, we’ve been thinking a bit more about quality of time spent doing different things that inevitably get put off until a later date. Many of our interests are pretty low on the yolo scale, but nevertheless we hope to make this year a little more about living than working.

For the first time in many years we weren’t traipsing across the country during April and May attending Newspaper conventions. The proof of that has shown up in the garden, where to date plants are progressing well and weeds are under control.

This spring we also purchased some new ready-to-lay hens and an assortment of day-old chicks as a summer project for the kids. After school they race to the barn to see the daily progress of the chicks and gather up pullet eggs. This past Tuesday, our youngest struck off to the barn in pajamas and rubber boots before school to see if any eggs were laid in the night.

It’s rewarding to see their enthusiasm for farm life – a way of life that is now five generations strong on that particular farm.

While we don’t anticipate any daredevil activities in the near future we certainly intend to enjoy the summer of 2017 and live a little.