Year of growth at Centre Wellington Community Foundation

The spirit of giving was alive and well throughout the community in 2014 and all residents can be proud of the investment they are making through the Centre Wellington Community Foundation (CWCF) in areas including education, community green spaces and special programming for youth.

“Thanks to the generosity of our community, CWCF has added four new funds [in 2014],” said board chair Randal Howard.

“These new funds have been started by individuals and families that know a community foundation is a safe, efficient and powerful way to share their financial gifts. We are both honoured and excited to have seen so much growth this year.”

It was an equally successful year with regard to giving out funds. More than a dozen proposals were submitted for consideration during the spring as CWCF once again opened up its mini-grant program.

Nine mini-grants were awarded to support initiatives including the Elora Art Walk, the ukulele music program at John Black Public School in Fergus and to a group that will use the funds to help purchase new, innovative play equipment in the Maple Grove Park in Belwood.

The foundation encourages organizations throughout Centre Wellington to apply for the variety of grants being offered again in the spring of 2015.

“We are grateful to the CWCF for this mini-grant,” said Matt Vermeulen, executive director from the Elora Environment Centre, another mini-grant recipient.

“The funds from the CWCF have allowed us to build a rain garden to demonstrate an innovative and effective way to mitigate storm water run off. This has benefited both our building and is another resource we share with our customers.”

The growth of giving and receiving is due to the generous support of individuals and families from the community. In pooling their resources together under the professional stewardship of the CWCF, donors are able to support their giving wishes including youth, the environment and the arts.

Local community groups are able to receive these funds and run the programs that make Centre Wellington such a great place to live.