W&T Mushroom Farm donating extra produce

GUELPH-ERAMOSA – If you can’t sell it, give it away.

Rather than going to waste, W&T Mushrooms is giving cremini mushrooms to neighbours and the food bank.
Submitted photo

That’s the thinking of the W&T Mushroom Farm, which has started giving away cremini mushrooms to the local food bank and neighbours of the farm, just outside Rockwood.

The idea of fresh produce going to waste is unacceptable to the Jaroszewskis, owners of the mushroom farm. So they packaged mushrooms into two-pound bags, and attached a label with a delicious roasted mushroom recipe.

Their neighbours at Branded Marketing and Promo Inc., helped create and print the labels.

In a press release, Natalie Jaroszewski said the family appreciates the work of the Concerned Residents’ Coalition, which worked to try to stop the Hidden Quarry proposal right next door to the mushroom farm.

“This community has joined together to invest many years and hundreds of thousands of dollars to protect local farmers and the environment,” states the release.

“Their support gave us strength to continue as our farm faced this threat to our livelihood. We hope that our locally produced mushrooms will reinforce the sense of togetherness among our neighbours when we are all needing to feel connected.”