Wrought iron flag mounts to be bought

Councillors here will purchase 12 wrought iron flag mounts as part of an initiative to improve the appearance of downtown Clifford.

The town recently approved the $720 purchase as it agreed to donate 12 Minto flags and 12 Canadian flags. Town staff will install the flag mounts and flags later this year.

Councillor Rick Hembly said it is Clifford’s way of starting its downtown revitalization.

Economic development man­a­ger Belinda Wick-Gra­ham noted the flag mounts were created by Mike Shannon, a local blacksmith.

In discussion at the committee, she reported that until the RED (a Rural Economic De­vel­­opment) funding application is reviewed, groups will have to focus on low-cost, quick wins.

She said the Clifford downtown revitalization committee choice would result in two wrought iron flag mounts on the businesses located in downtown Clifford. Shannon offered an in-kind donation of over $1,035 off the true cost of creating the wrought iron flag mounts in the hope of seeing the project proceed.

Businesses interested in having them installed would be asked to purchase one flag mount and both flag poles, so each business that is interested would contribute $76 toward the project.