Winter crashes

Wellington County OPP officials are reminding motorists to take extra care on local roads and highways as the winter weather continues.

Officers have been busy recently investigating numerous minor crashes and vehicles in ditches.

The OPP encourage motorists to respond to adverse and rapidly-changing road conditions by reducing speed and leaving extra space to adjust to reduced braking ability on icy, snowy roads

Weather changes, particularly during the winter, can occur suddenly and dramatically. Sudden storms and plunging temperatures can drastically change road conditions and reduce visibility.

Driving defensively and responsibly while exercising patience and good judgement during the winter months will ensure drivers and their passengers reach their destination safely.

Police say winter driving requires the full attention of every motorist. Proper pre-trip planning and vehicle inspections will make for a much safer trip. Always exercise caution when driving in the winter.   

Finally, police are asking people not to call the Provincial Communications Centre (dispatch) for road and weather conditions.  Police will not provide this information. Calling the PCC ties up phone lines that others depend on for emergency situations.