White hopes sharing library space will have positive outcome on home care providers in rural areas

Wellington County councillor Lynda White is hoping the relocation of the Home Child Care Agency will help recruit more home care operators in rural Wellington.

Currently the agency is located in downtown Guelph.

Once renovations in Aboyne are complete, the agency will move into the library branch building.

Updating Centre Wellington councillors on April 25, White said the move provides an opportunity to increase efforts to recruit and retain contracted home care providers in rural areas.

White said Wellington County has about eight providers in the county but “there should be 20 to 30.”

White said in Wellington’s service contract “we have to offer capacity for building resources, networking, consultation, training and development to the child care community.

“Currently, this is provided by the Guelph Community Health Centre under contract … which has basically been Guelph-city focussed.”

White said having the resources more accessible to more operators within the county is “a big plus to recruiting more providers.”

She said the director of child care and the chief librarian have been working closely with the construction property manager to ensure the space will work for both services.