When there”™s smoke or carbon monoxide … there should be an alarm: Goode

If you don’t have a working smoke and/or carbon monoxide alarm – Puslinch Fire and Rescue will provide a loaner.

The message is part of the Home Fire Safety Campaign says Puslinch fire chief Steven Goode.

Each year, the department targets certain sections of the municipality to bring fire safety message to local residents.

The message, Goode said, includes the smoke and carbon monoxide regulations and maintenance in addition to home escape planning.

“We are hoping it will be a good experience as they will provide useful information and tips to keep your family safe. We will be visiting homes in the Western areas of the Township to create awareness around smoke alarms, CO alarms and the importance of home escape planning.

Goode added, “It is imperative all residents have the necessary alarms in their homes and react appropriately. Seconds do count when events occur.”

A successful visit will result if we leave your home knowing:

– the residence is in compliance with the Ontario Fire Code;

– the homeowner understands the requirements of working smoke and CO alarms;

– alarms are installed in optimum locations and working;

– the homeowner understands how to test and maintain their alarms; and

– you understand the importance of developing and practising home escape planning.

“We will take the necessary steps to ensure the homes are compliant.”

If during an inspection it is determined that smoke alarms are missing, improperly located or not working, immediate action must be taken to bring the home into compliance with the fire code.

“We will install a loaner smoke or carbon monoxide alarm(s) and ensure the home is compliant and then revisit to make sure the required alarms have been purchased and installed correct. Then we will take our loaner alarm back.”

Goode noted the fire department is planning 200 visits this year.

“We did that last year without an issue and are hoping to do it this year as well.”

Puslinch fire chief Steven Goode told councillors last month the intent is to ensure the safety of the homeowner.

Councillor Matthew Bulmer liked the idea of a “loaner” alarm.

“I can only imagine how nervous people might be with a person in uniform arriving at their home in the evening. But what that person leaves, they are better off.”

Good said the department used to hand out smoke alarms.

The loaner aspect is not a giveaway, but a means to ensure that homeowners will purchase a working smoke alarm.

He explained that just handing out the alarms for free is rewarding home owners who are not compliant.

“We’re not going to reward these people, but we can’t leave a home which is non-compliant because it is a liability. An of course, we just don’t want to do that.”

Bulmer said this just shows  the primary interest is the homeowner’s safety.