Wellington North Fun Run Challenge

Dave Moran, Mike Burke, and Harold Wollis recently wrote to council in an attempt to keep the ‘fun’ in Wellington North’s Fun Run Challenge by keeping participants safer.

“On behalf of the organizing committee for the Well­ington North Fun Challenge mini triathlon we would like to thank you for support of our event for the past five years. We will be holding the event on Aug. 8 this year.”

“Our triathlon is a fun event encouraging recreation and fitness for a wide range of participants in our area and has brought together many local athletes as well as those from neighbouring communities to enjoy the hospitality and beautiful scenery of our town. It also serves as a fundraiser for the Mount Forest Sportsplex.”

“This year our committee is hoping we could get your support to officially close off Parkside Drive from 8am to 12:30pm the day of the event. With the downtown detour, we are concerned that increased traffic using Parkside Drive as a shortcut could be of risk to our athletes, volunteers, and general public watching the pro­ceedings. We would need barricades at both the Highway 89 and 6 intersections as well as the two side streets by the pool.

The letter added, “We have enjoyed the presence of both Mayor Mike Broomhead and councillor Dan Yake at our challenge over the past years and look forward to many more. We are always looking for volunteers (and participants) and would certainly welcome any council members with open arms.”

Broomhead said that in the past, council had not closed the road. “I think their reasoning makes sense … It’s a hectic area at the best of times.”