Wellington North drainage superintendent costs are now set at $75 per hour

It is going to cost Wellington North $75 per hour for a drainage superintendent – and possibly more if he needs additional help.

At the April 20 council, members were brought up to date on new service fees coming in from K. .Smart & As­so­ciates

Council had received the information a few weeks prior, bit they had wanted additional information about earlier rates.

In addition to the $75 per hour for a drainage superintendent, there will be additional mileage charged for site investigations.

All out of pocket expenses and disbursements will be at cost, plus a 10% administrative fee.

Garth Noecker will remain the main person responsible for services as drainage superintendent, including grant applications and assessment schedules.

For assistance on paperwork, site investigations and attending to maintenance, Noeck­er would be assisted by other staff as needed.

Charges for those individuals were also listed in councillors’ correspondence.

An email sent on behalf of K. Smart and Associates noted that drainage superintendent rate has been at $70 per hour since 2003, and the increase is due to increased costs