County proposes purchase of Guelph building for transitional shelter housing

GUELPH – The County of Wellington has approached the City of Guelph regarding the sale of its property at 65 Delhi Street.

The county is proposing the property be used as a transitional housing project for those experiencing homelessness.

For this to happen, the property will need to be rezoned from parkland use to residential use, states a March 23 press release from the city.

“The final sale of this property to the County is conditional on rezoning,” said Guelph CAO Scott Stewart.

“Last year, council directed staff to declare 65 Delhi a surplus asset. It would be great to see this property used to support those in our community who need it the most.”

The county must apply to the city for a zoning change to enable the purchase of the property for the intended use. The rezoning process entails a public meeting for Council, residents and community groups to learn more, ask questions and comment on the proposed rezoning.

If the rezoning from parkland to residential is not approved, the property will remain city-owned and not be sold to the county, the release states.

“The Loyola House Supportive Temporary Accommodation Pilot potentially ends in the fall,” said Warden Kelly Linton.

“By relocating to the 65 Delhi Street location in Guelph we’ll be able to provide units to people who really need support and a safe place to live.

“The location is also ideal for easier access to important community support services. Building safe and suitable housing helps to strengthen the economy, build communities and support overall personal well-being.”

The property at 65 Delhi Street was acquired by the City in 1911 for an isolation hospital and was later converted to a recreational space in the 1960s.

Currently, the building is half occupied by Guelph Wellington Paramedic Services, which will be moving to a new location on Gordon Street later this year, leaving the building vacant.

Guelph council declared the property a surplus asset to be sold.