Wellington County Plowmen announce their annual match results

The Wellington County Plowmen’s Association held its annual match here this year on Aug. 14, and there were numerous winners in many categories.

Organizers were pleased at the large turnout near Hillsburgh in the Town of Erin, where the match had not been held since 1951.

In the horse class, the win­ner was Cecil Wells, of Paris.

In Class 2, Barry De Teer, of Barrie, was first, and Carman Weppler, of Clifford, second.

In Class 6, David Barbour and Craig Switzer, both of Hillsburgh, finished first and second.

Helen Moffat, of Drayton, won Class 10.

Class 11A had a large number of competitors. The finished in this order:

– Ken O’Brien, Midhurst;

– Richard Augustine, Kil­worthy;

– Graeme Dougherty, Cale­donia;

– Dennis Royle, Blanchton;

– Eric Howard, Woodstock;

– Winston Roberts, Toronto;

– Fred Richardson. Phelp­ston;

– Charles Fraser, Fergus;

– Gene Moreau, Barrie;

– Wally Arnold, Fisherville; and

– Howard Timbers, Aurora.

In Class 11B, the winner was Don Nunnikhoven, of Cam­bridge;

Class 12 had Brian Fried, of Bright, the winner, followed by Daryl Hostrawser, of Belwood, and Philip Brett, of Orange­ville.

In Class 13C, Erin Mayor Rod Finnie used home field ad­vantage to capture the Dunk trophy reserved for politician plowers. County councillors Carl Hall and Walter Trachsel finished second and third.

In the special ins and outs class, Brian Fried won the trac­tor class.

Cecil Wells won the best crown and finish in the horse class, and Fried took the top place in the tractor class, followed by Carman Weppler.

The Royal Bank trophy was won by Michael Cook, of Orton, and the Wellington County trophy went to Carman Weppler.

In the Class 14 for 4-H members, the winners, in order, were Joey Parkinson, Sara Par­kinson, Cody Leitch, Michelle Leitch, Michael Cook.

In the Queen of the Furrow plowing division, the winners, in order were Cassandra Chor­noboy, Vanessa Dirkson, Kel­sey Hollinger, Kristen Allsop, Mariam Bailey, and Laura Schieck.

The plowmen’s group thank­ed Erin for hosting the event, and also thanked all the exhibitors and demonstrators for their help in making the match a success.