Wellington County conducting online, phone surveys on home retrofits

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Wellington County is working with Dunsky Energy and Climate Advisors and Mainstreet Research to conduct online and phone surveys in an effort to better understand the needs of local residents when it comes to retrofitting their homes for comfort, health and greenhouse gas emission reductions.

Surveys began Nov. 16 and will run until Dec. 16 for homeowners and landlords of low-rise homes which include detached, semi-detached, row housing and other forms of housing, with the exception of multi-storey condos and apartments.

A Nov. 16 press release from the county states the surveys will focus on:

  • homeowner’s current energy use;
  • energy efficiency efforts homeowners have undertaken or are interested in pursuing;
  • major barriers preventing home improvements;  and
  • ways to help homeowners benefit from energy efficiency.

The online survey, accessible until Dec. 16 will take approximately 10 to 15 minutes to complete and can be accessed at: www.wellington.ca/getinvolved.

The phone survey will be conducted between now and Dec. 2 and take about 20 to 25 minutes to complete.

County residents may receive a call from Mainstreet Research to conduct a phone survey.

‘‘We know that demand for local contractors is already high in Wellington County and will rise as home retrofits increase,” stated Wellington Place administrator Jana Burns.

These retrofits enable our residents to age in place, add an additional dwelling unit for family or to supplement their income.”

Burns added, “We want to make sure our local renovation industry is well-equipped to meet this challenge.

“Understanding what the community needs is part of that equation.”

‘‘Residential buildings contribute nine per cent of our community greenhouse gas emissions,’’ noted Wellington County climate change and sustainability manager Karen Chisholme.

“Many of the actions homeowners and landlords take to reduce emissions also contribute to improved home comfort, health, and durability.

“We want to understand what tools our community needs to invest in their homes to meet these goals, and what the municipality’s role is in supporting them.”

To learn more about the surveys visit www.wellington.ca/getinvolved.