WEB ONLY: Zombies return to Guelph in Mind’s Eye

Synn Studios is pleased to be able to invite local members of the walking dead (and those that would like to join their ranks) to participate in the upcoming film shoot of the short film Mind’s Eye.

Director Thomas M. Gofton (Four Aces) is looking for about 40 to 50 zombies of all shapes and sizes, ages 16 and over. Shooting will take place on Saturday, July 4, and may extend to July 5 depending on weather and logistics, and will be an all-day shoot from 7 am to 6 pm.

Anyone interested in being a zombie is invited to e-mail the director at thomas@synnstudios.ca for further details.

The City of Guelph is known for being a very zombie friendly town. Last fall, 150 people came out to join the zombie apocalypse of Jay Justin’s 1:16 PM, which received incredible coverage in local media. And in 2007, director Reese Eveneshen released his vision of Night of the Living Dead to international acclaim.

While not explicitly a “zombie movie,” Mind’s Eye hopes to follow in the tradition of those projects in terms of community involvement by bringing in everyday Guelphites to play living dead bad guys. If you have some time next Saturday, a ratty old set of clothes and are willingness to be the best zombie you can be, then Synn Studios would love to see you out for Mind’s Eye.

Already gaining attention from major Canadian broadcasters to be potentially turned into a series,

Mind’s Eye follows a special young boy whose power of imagination may make him a prophesized hero destined to save the world. Another version of Mind’s Eye was filmed in 2007 and screened at the inaugural SharpCuts that same year, but Gofton has complete re-envisioned his concept and is very excited about the direction of this potential franchise.

For more information, CONTACT: Adam A. Donaldson, Synn Studios Publicist. Tel: 519-731-3029 E-Mail: donaldson@synnstudios.ca  Web: http://www.synnstudios.ca