WEB ONLY: Major Flapps to fly at River Run Feb. 8

River Run Cen­tre presents Major Conrad Flapps in World in a Flapp, an adventure with music, dancing, and hilarious antics.

The audience will have to help the clown aviator get air­borne as the world’s only hu­man airplane. The fun-filled performance on Feb. 8 at 4pm is the third in the family series at River Run.

Major Conrad Flapps is not a standard airline pilot. Al­though he  has outfitted himself in a leather helmet, red nose, and eight foot long flying scarf – all the things any clown aviator requires – he can’t seem to get in the air. Flapps enlists the help of the audience as well as his incredible acrobatic com­edy, musical parody, and zany wit to take off and travel around the world.

Flapps’ fiddle and imagi­nation bring the audience such music as sit-down square dan­ces, maritime jigs, cracker waltzes, Celtic madness and even a blues band.

Major Conrad Flapps is played by Stuart Nemtin who has been appearing as Flapps since the character’s inaugu­ration at the 1978 Vancouver International Children’s Festi­val.

Nemtin has brought Flapps and his signature physical, acrobatic, and musical comedy to Africa, New Zealand, Scot­land, Switzerland, and the Unit­ed States and has appeared on The Elephant Show and the award winning television series Take Off.

Tickets are on sale now through the box office. Adult tickets  range from $17 to $19 and children’s are from $14 to $16. As part of the eyeGO programme, high school students may purchase tickets at the box office for $5. All tickets may be purchased online at www.riverrun.ca, by phone at 519-763-3000 or in person at the box office.