WEB ONLY: Damascus WI hears of cure-all

On a frosty Jan. 14,  the Damascus Wo­men’s Institute held its monthly meeting at the Damascus community hall.

President Miriam Green welcomed the members and guest Kay Ayres, president of the Wellington North District Women’s Institute.

Green opened with a reading of From Ann Landers and led the singing of the Institute Ode and the reciting of the Mary Stewart Collect.

Desserts, tea and coffee was served by Green, Marjorie Smith and Pat Hooker. Min­utes, treasure’s report, convenor reports, correspondence and business at hand were all dealt with.

Hooker, the healthy life­styles convenor, shared some remedies using honey and cinnamon.

Today’s science says even though honey is sweet, if taken in the right dosage as a medicine it does not harm diabetic patients. The Jan.17, 1995 edition of Weekly World News, a Canadian magazine, provides a list of diseases that can be cured by honey and cinnamon. 

Heart disease – a paste of honey and cinnamon, applied on bread and eaten regularly at breakfast, reduces cholesterol in the arteries and can save a patient from a heart attack.

It can also relieve loss of breath, strengthen the heart beat and revitalize arteries and veins.

Research has found that Arthritis patients treated with a mixture of honey and cinnamon before breakfast are re­lieved of pain.

Honey and cinnamon mixtures can also help with indigestion, influenza, pimples, skin infections (eczema, ringworm etc.), weight loss, cancer, fatigue, bladder infection, colds, upset stomach, the im­mune system and even hearing loss.

The next meeting of the Damascus WI is Feb. 11 at 10am and will feature craft day.

submitted Shirley Langdon