WEB ONLY: Consultation for wireless communications

Councillors here have adopted a  consultation process for wireless telecommunication facilities and will appoint Chief Building Official Terry Kuipers as the official to carry out the “consultation and concurrence function.”

Mayor David Anderson noted correspondence from Deverell & Lemaich in regard to the Bell Mobility, Rogers Wireless and Telus Mobility in the consultation process. The municipality was contacted earlier this year about the potential installation of wireless facilities within Minto.

Councillor Wayne Martin, reading council’s resolution, stated that it was deemed in the town’s best interests to be involved in the consultation process.

Council’s solicitors noted that those providers operate under federal jurisdiction and the towns’ bylaws “do not ap­ply them insofar as telecommunications facilities they may install within the town.”

As an example, the facilities are not governed by the town’s zoning bylaw or site plan approval requirements.

“The federal government does however require them to consult with land use authorities as part of their licensing process.”

The consultation would make the town aware of significant antenna structures so that systems would be done in a manner that considers local surroundings.