WEB ONLY: Arnott will support Elliott in leadership race

FERGUS – Wellington Halton Hills MPP Ted Arnott has announced he will support Christine Elliott for leader of the Ontario Progressive Conservation Party.

“Of all the candidates in the race, I believe she is best suited to lead our party into the 2011 provincial election,” Arnott said. “Christine Elliott will be a capable and effective premier of Ontario. Ontario needs our caucus to be strong in oppo­sition for the next 27 months, holding the [Dalton] McGuinty Liberals accountable for their broken promises and lacka­daisical leadership.

But Arnott is looking beyond opposition.

“Then, in 2011, we must be prepared to form the govern­ment to restore Ontario to its rightful place as the leading, most innovative and dynamic province in Canada,” he said.

Arnott is the second riding politician to support Elliott. MP Michael Chong also recently announced his support for her.

Arnott said, “I admire Christine Elliott’s thoughtful and reasoned approach to poli­tics. She has been consistent in these essential respects:

– She emphasizes the need for compassion towards those in our society who, through no fault of their own, are disadvantaged.

– She believes that we must be responsible stewards of the taxpayers’ money. She recog­niz­es that creating the condi­tions for a strong and growing economy is our foremost re­sponsibility.

– She knows that we can’t look backwards to find a way to secure victory, in order to create a better future for all the people of Ontario.

– She understands that elec­ted public service is a privilege. We earn our opportunity to serve when we work hard, when we show competence, and when we tell the truth.

All of our leadership candi­dates deserve credit for their campaigns. I look forward to conti­nuing to work with them in the coming months, as we reach out together to the promise of the future.”