Water use restrictions effective May 17 in Mount Forest

Mount Forest water tower being emptied for rehabilitation project

MOUNT FOREST – A refreshed look is soon coming to the Mount Forest water tower overlooking Miller Street and Parkside Drive.

This month residents will notice scaffolding, tarps, and fences assembled at the tower as work begins on a $1.54-million rehabilitation project.

Residents will have to observe water usage restrictions between May 17, when the tower is drained, and when the tower is functional again in August.

“Essentially, we will not have the extra water storage available that the [tower] would normally provide,” environmental and development services manager Corey Schmidt explained by email.

With the tower emptied, well pumps will run constantly to keep up with water demand and maintain water pressure in the system, Schmidt explained.

Conserving water means less stress on the pumps, which normally shut down when the tower is full and providing pressure to the community’s system.

A work plan received in April by the township from Hamilton-based Dayson Industrial Services anticipates work being completed by mid-September, however a report authored by Schmidt states the tower is expected to be completely operational by early August.

By the time work is done, the tower will have a new interior lining and a fresh exterior paint job — including the beloved “High, Healthy, Happy” motto.

Aside from “Mount Forest” appearing in a rounder “Franklin Gothic Medium” font, the design and what’s stated, including the community’s altitude of 1,407 feet, remains much the same.

A design illustration from Dayson Industrial Services and and Fine Line Signs indicates the text appearing on the water tower’s exterior will remain much the same as it does now. (Wellington North agenda package image)


Township staff are hoping residents adhere to water conservation restrictions including:
• outdoor lawn, garden, tree, shrub, or outdoor plant watering;
• washing vehicles;
• washing the exterior of a building, driveway, or walkway;
• operating a decorative fountain unless water is recycled;
• cleaning or filling any decorative fountain, residential swimming pool, hot tub or garden pond; and
• wasting water when using outdoors.

Residents can use water outdoors for the activities above between certain hours on certain days — those living at even-numbered addresses on even-numbered calendar days, and those at odd-numbered addresses on odd-numbered calendar days.

Outdoor water use is restricted to between 6 and 9am and 7 to 10pm on those days, and no outdoor watering can happen at any time on rainy days.

Township staff will be keeping an eye on water use, and could change hours at the Mount Forest Splash Pad (326 Wellington Street East) to align with non-peak water usage times.

“Staff will communicate splash pad operation hours with the intent to develop a sustainable schedule on a monthly basis or as needed,” Schmidt’s report states.

The township expects the project to generate “significant interest” and staff will communicate with residents through the Wellington North website, social media channels and print notices.