Warden’s Tree Planting held on Cottontail Road Trail

WELLINGTON COUNTY – Employees and their families from the County of Wellington and the Township of Centre Wellington participated in the annual Warden’s Tree Planting day on Oct. 4.

Approximately 75 volunteers planted over 800 trees on the Cottontail Road Trail in Elora.

Since its inception in 2004, over 3 million trees have been planted across the county under the Green Legacy Tree Planting Program (GLP). 

The GLP is the largest municipal tree planting program in North America and has been recognized by the United Nations for its significant environmental contribution.

‘‘I would like to thank everyone who joined me in planting over 800 trees along the Cottontail Rail Trail,” said Warden Kelly Linton. 

“This is what the County of Wellington is all about. Partnering with our member municipalities to improve our environment – one tree at a time.”

‘‘The trees planted today will protect our environment for future generations,’’ stated Green Legacy manager Rob Johnson.

“Much of the GLP’s success has been made possible by our incredible partners and volunteers who are committed to enhancing the environment and fighting impacts climate change.”

To learn more about the Green Legacy Program or to volunteer visit www.greenlegacy.ca.