Walt Wingfield returns to town with major fire

The continuing and hilarious saga of Walt Wingfield returns to the Fergus Grand Theatre on May 28 and 29.


Wingfield’s Inferno is the sixth play starring Rod Beattie as a host of memorable characters living on the 7th Line of Persephone Township.

The play is written by Dan Needles, a former Dufferin County Newspaper editor, who takes Wingfield from a prosperous Bay Street firm to the countryside. Wingfield’s trials and struggles to farm mingle with local politics and a host of odd situations.

The show is directed by Douglas Beatty, Rod’s brother. The Wingfield shows have played all over North America to huge acclaim.

In this show, a devastating fire at the Orange Hall in Larkspur leaves it a smould­ering ruin, and Walt Wingfield leads the charge to get it re­built, but lighting a fire under his fellow committee members proves a daunting task. Is it courage they lack or is the devil in the details?  

Tickets are $30;  for seniors and there are group sales of 10 or more $27.

Tickets are available at the Fergus Grand Theatre box officer or from Ralph Basset As­sociates Inc. at 519-843-4852 or order online at www.­ralph­basset.com.