Volunteer recognition

Councillors discussed a request by the Min­ister of Citizenship and Im­migration to participate in Ontario’s volunteer recognition programs for 2009.

Mayor David Anderson said the three programs include:

– volunteer service awards;

– June Callwood outstanding achievement award; and

– Ontario medal for young volunteers.

He noted councillor Barb Burrows requested the item be brought back to council for further consideration.

Burrows said one year, Minto applied to recognize volunteers who helped to protect local heritage.

When asked by councillor Wayne Martin if nomination packages are available, Bur­rows said he believes those could be obtained through the ministry website – along with nomination forms and additional information.

Clerk Barb Wilson said that deputy-clerk Theresa Campbell also has copies of the nomination forms.

Martin wondered if nominations are to be done as a group or individually

 “How do you want to handle it?”

Anderson suggested getting names, getting the applications from Campbell, and bringing the names to the next council meeting.

“Then we can pick from those names,” he said.