Visiting Elora & Fergus? We’ve got something for everyone.

Grand and Gorgeous is your quintessential guide to exploring Fergus and Elora - two distinctly different towns that together, make one great destination.

Grand and Gorgeous: Your quintessential guide to visit Elora & Fergus in 2023

Elora and Fergus have a vibe all their own. We’ve got something for everyone.

Nature lovers. Adventure seekers. Kilt wearers. Fish finders. Serious shoppers. Fine diners. Patio dwellers. Picnic packers. Festival goers. Hikers and bikers. Paddlers and peddlers. Art aficionados. Cultural connoisseurs. History buffs. Wanderers and wonderers. Everyone is welcome here.

We sincerely hope you have an amazing time exploring Fergus and Elora and that your time here is full of grand experiences and gorgeous memories.

Visit for a complete listing of local events, with recommendations of places to stay, eat, play and explore in every season.

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