Urban forester to oversee Neighbourwoods group for a year

A group pro­mot­ing tree planting in Centre Wellington Township now has an urban forester to help with its programs for the coming year.

Mark Sherman, who lives in Guelph, will oversee the pro­gram that will include tree plants, celebrations, new initia­tives.

Sherman will also act as the general manager of the Neigh­bourwoods office shared with the Elora Environ­mental Cen­tre.

Sherman is a recent gradu­ate of Ryerson University’s urban and regional planning school, and he specialized in environmental planning. He has been involved in Toronto’s ur­ban forest community with work with Local Enhancement and Appreciation of Forests (LEAF) and various commu­nity based initiatives.

In 2009 he was recognized for his work in community en­gagement and environmental sensitivity for a master plan for the Humber College Arbore­tum.

“We are very pleased to welcome him,” said Toni Ellis, of Neighbourwoods.

Sherman said he received the job through the federal stimulus package canned the Youth Eco program.

When it comes to doing forestry work, he said, “I’m kind of all over.” He noted that a large focus of the group will continue to be planing in in­dus­trial, commercial, and institu­tional areas in Centre Well­ington.

“I’ll go out, meet people, develop site plans for planters,” he said, adding that it is important that the “right trees” for a specific area get planted.

He helped create the plan for Humber, and noted that it won an award.

“I love trees,” he said. “I really feel good about the work. Sherman noted that the work continues in promoting trees, even in winter.

On Feb. 4 the centre will be featuring a Tree Talk with Brenlee Robinson.

“She talks about trees and their effect on the community,” he said. He stated, particularly, that trees planted in school yards have been demonstrated to reduce bullying.

Anyone wanting more in­for­mation can call Sherman at 519-846-0841.