U.S professors report supports wind energy as best power

Windpower has received another endorsement from a civil engineering professor and director of the Atmosphere and Energy Program at Stanford University in California, Mark Z. Jacobson.

The endorsement is com­pelling for anyone connected to the hydro grid because people ulti­mately must take re­spon­sibility for the effects of the emissions produced from en­ergy consumed.

As Jacobson noted in his study, pollution causes over 2.4 million premature deaths world­wide as well as increas­ing asthma, respiratory illness, cardiovascular disease, cancer, hospitalizations, emergency room visits, and work days lost.

Nations require bold action to combat the epidemic and must "act" to save lives. His report states:

– Wind power is by far the most promising source of en­ergy for electricity and vehi­cles, performing the best in 7 out of 10 criteria.

– he evaluated nine electric power sources and two liquid and fuel options, based on ten weighted criteria including carbondioxide emissions, hu­man mortality, environmental footprint, resource abundance, water consumption, operating reliability, effects on wildlife, and four other measurements.

– Wind has the lowest life­cycle CO2e among the tech­nologies considered.

– He describes in detail the advantages and disadvantages, and huge indirect costs, of each technology.

– He describes at length five methods and solutions for dealing with the intermittency of renewable energy sources.

It is a long, technical and analytical read, but the work is summarized by Renewable Energy World at  http://www.­renewable­energy­world.­com/­rea/News/print?id=54292.